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Are GM crops are better for bees?

Throughout our decades of pesticide use we have tried to create pesticides that are lethal to pests but don’t affect non-target organisms such as ladybirds and bees. One of the avenues scientists are going down for this reason is GM … Continue reading

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Poverty reductions from Bt cotton – 15 years on

In 1995 the USA controversially approved Bt cotton for commercial use. Fifteen years on its effect on farming and the rural community have been analysed in a study from the University of Göttingen. Bt cotton is resistant to many caterpillar … Continue reading

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New GM crops for Russia

Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan are together one of the world’s leading agricultural producers – Russia alone produces over 10% of the world’s potatoes. However, the potential potato crop is almost halved due to factors such as weediness, viruses, cold winters … Continue reading

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