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I am the bee girl. A PhD student at Rothamsted Agricultural Research Institute currently studying bees. Officially I'm looking at 'The effect of pathogens on honeybee learning and foraging behaviour', which in simple terms means that what I want to know is: 'are sick bees stupid'. You may have seen on the news or Dr Who recently that honeybees are having a bad time of it lately and we're not entirely sure why. One potential problem for them is diseases and parasites which don't just kill the bees but could also be effecting their behaviour. Which is what I'm interested. And yes before you ask I have been stung, but usually only when I'm really annoying the poor bees! Serves me right!

Army Ant Camp Followers

Every army has its followers – civilians who follow in the wake of armies or service their needs whilst encamped. But army ants also have their followers. These species don’t sell the ants goods or entertain them when camped, but instead … Continue reading

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Save threatened birds by returning native trees

A revolutionary new conservation project aims to maintain island biodiversity by replanting native trees! Cebu is a beautiful island in the Philippines filled with strange and endemic species like the Cebu Flowerpecker. This bird was thought to have been extinct … Continue reading

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Cull the Badger?

Bovine Tuberculosis is a serious disease in British cattle costing over £100 million annually and badgers are known to transmit the bacteria. So logically removing the badgers should help combat the disease. This is the idea behind the Randomised Badger … Continue reading

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One Child Policy Brings Many Problems

It has been suggested that the world population could increase to over 9 billion by 2050. This overpopulation will require a doubling of global food production and lead to many other problems besides. But what is the alternative? Four decades … Continue reading

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