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Climate change, happiness and economic growth

Humanity has gone beyond the ‘safe operating space’ of the planet, and the problems we face – climate change, biodiversity loss, water shortages – are all related to the use of materials, fossil fuels and biomass by the world’s economies. … Continue reading

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Army Ant Camp Followers

Every army has its followers – civilians who follow in the wake of armies or service their needs whilst encamped. But army ants also have their followers. These species don’t sell the ants goods or entertain them when camped, but instead … Continue reading

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The Korean Pine tree – an answer to hunger?

Here we are, talking about agricultural intensification, technologies that can feed the world, and even how to use land to grow our energy instead. But millions of people in the west eat too much – disturbingly there are currently 400 million overweight adults … Continue reading

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