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Trish and Becky think more about why Science is Vital

This is the video of our day at the Science is Vital march – our thoughts, the organisers and speakers’ thoughts, and thoughts of others who attended. We broadened our horizons! Advertisements

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Have your say – Natural Environment White Paper

Thanks to Natural England we can express our views on government policy by completing this online survey. It’s pretty easy – four open-ended questions on the benefits of the natural environment and how it can be improved. It wasn’t quite … Continue reading

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Science is Vital Rally 09/10/10

A love of science, some geeky jokes, some well crafted banners, and some bad singing – Trish and I fitted in well at the Science is Vital rally on Saturday. It was organised very quickly as an emergency response to … Continue reading

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Cull the Badger?

Bovine Tuberculosis is a serious disease in British cattle costing over £100 million annually and badgers are known to transmit the bacteria. So logically removing the badgers should help combat the disease. This is the idea behind the Randomised Badger … Continue reading

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One Child Policy Brings Many Problems

It has been suggested that the world population could increase to over 9 billion by 2050. This overpopulation will require a doubling of global food production and lead to many other problems besides. But what is the alternative? Four decades … Continue reading

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A vision for 2050: evidence-based conservation

Conservation is getting ever more attention – governments are realising that they need to act, scientists are learning more, and millions of people worldwide are part of conservation charities. In fact the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity is one … Continue reading

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